How to Replace the Bottom Hinge on the Freezer Door on a Dometic RV Refrigerator

When the freezer door on your Dometic won't close properly, it might be time to replace the bottom hinges.

They are spring-loaded pins that sit inside the freezer wall. Broken pins or worn springs are usually the cause of faulty freezer door operation. It is a good idea to replace both hinges and the door bracket at the same time. The key to successfully replacing the hinges is to add the tension to the spring so the freezer door will close when you release it. .

Open the refrigerator door and locate the screws securing the hinge bracket to the bottom of the freezer door. There is a hinge bracket on each bottom end of the door. Remove the screws securing one end bracket and remove the bracket.

Pull the end of the freezer door without the end bracket away from the freezer. Pull the opposite end away from the refrigerator wall. Remove the screws securing the opposite end bracket.

Pry the hinges out of the refrigerator wall with a flat-head screwdriver. The hinges look like a flat clip with a wheel. The hinge is three pieces in one. It includes a pin, a housing and a spring. Pry around the circumference of the hinge until it comes out of the refrigerator. Repeat for the opposite side of the freezer.

Assemble the new hinges. Slide the hook end of the spring over the end of the pin. The pin has a head with cross-hatch notches. On the side of the head is a groove for the hook of the spring. Ensure that the hook is flush inside the pin head so that it allows the pin head to rotate freely in the housing.

Hold the housing and insert the pin with the spring through the flat side. The end of the spring must enter the small hole on the housing. Push the pin until it snaps into position.

Press the housing back into the side of the freezer. The pin head should point to the bottom of the freezer and the flat tab should be above the pin head.

Attach the hinge bracket to the bottom-right edge of the freezer door with the securing screws. Rotate the right hinge pin a quarter-turn with a flat-head screwdriver. Hold the screwdriver over one of the cross-hatch tabs and rotate the pin. Hold the freezer door upright and slide the indented cross hatch of the hinge bracket over the hinge pin. This turning action adds tension to the pin.

Hold the door against the freezer with one hand so you do not lose the tension on the right side. Hold the left hinge bracket in your free hand with the indented cross hatch facing the left pin and the flat mounting part facing toward the rear of the freezer.

Push the hinge bracket over the pin and rotate the bracket up and under the freezer door. This applies tension to the left side. Secure the bracket to the bottom of the freezer door with the securing screws.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Replacement hinge kit


  • Your local RV dealer should be able to tell you where to buy parts for your Dometic RV refrigerator.


  • Disconnect the LP gas and power to your unit before making repairs.

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