How to Use Printable Measuring Tape

Printable measuring tape offers you the ability to print several sections of a full measuring tape from your computer, assemble them and use them as you would a traditional measuring tape. This is helpful when you need to use a measuring tape right away and do not have access to one. Printable measuring tapes are less sturdy than traditional tape measures, so use extra care when measuring.

Measure gently with the tape to avoid ripping or breaking it.

Step 1

Print the measuring tape from your computer. You will most likely have several different pieces of the tape, each that are numbered and separated. When printing, be sure to pay attention to the print dialogue box; uncheck "Shrink oversized pages to paper size," "Expand small pages to paper size" and "Auto rotate and center" for accurate measurements.

Step 2

Cut out the different pieces of the measuring tape and place them side-by-side in the correct order. It will start with 1 inch and end typically around 49 inches.

Step 3

Assemble the pieces of the measuring tape by taping each piece together on the front and back sides of the tape.

Step 4

Use the measuring tape gently when taking body measurements. For the best accuracy, wrap the tape snugly while paying attention not to pull too hard to avoid ripping, tearing or breaking.

Step 5

Measure jewelry and other smaller items by laying the measuring tape printed side-up on a flat surface and laying the object on top of the tape, starting at the first mark of the tape.