How to Wire a Westinghouse 77021 Switch

The Westinghouse 77021 is a replacement switch for ceiling fans. This switch is a pull-chain style with high, medium and low positions, as well as an off position. Pull-chain switches often fail because the chain breaks or the internal mechanism gets damaged. Replacing one is simple if you choose the right part for the application. This switch is a four-wire unit designed for specific ceiling fans. Be careful when working around electricity, as there is enough power in any home circuit to seriously hurt you.

A Westinghouse 77021 switch is designed for ceiling fans.
  1. Turn off the power to the circuit you are working on at the home's electrical distribution panel. Confirm that the power is off by touching a noncontact voltage detector to the wire's insulation.

  2. Remove the switch housing cover from the ceiling fan with a screwdriver. If the ceiling fan has a light, remove it as well, making note of the wiring connections.

  3. Unscrew the chain guide on the outside of the switch housing and remove the old switch.

  4. Write down the position and color of each wire attached to the switch. For example: Terminal L = black wire.

  5. Straighten out the paper clip and insert into the wire's terminal. Push down on the spring and pull out the wire. Repeat this process for the other three wires.

  6. Push the wires into the terminal slots on the new switch. Match the same positions as the old switch.

  7. Mount the new switch into the ceiling fan with the screws removed and reassemble the light.


  • Working around electricity is dangerous. Always make sure that the power is off before beginning any work.

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