How to Keep Coals on a Weber Grill Hot

Weber kettle grills are famous for even-heat cooking and durability. Some backyard chefs are content to use their Weber charcoal grill fur hamburgers and hotdogs, while others adapt the big kettle for use as a meat smoker. Whicever way you like to cook, one trick to feeding people at a barbecue is keeping the coals hot. Oxygen is the key. Most Weber grills can hold approximately four pounds of charcoal. With quality charcoal, you can expect plenty of heat for cooking to last two hours. Adjust the Weber to maximize the heat.

  1. Lift and set aside the dome cover on your Weber to remove the cooking grate by the two handles.

  2. Pile approximately four pounds of charcoal (60 briquettes) into a heap on the fire grate inside the grill. Douse the charcoal with lighter fluid and ignite the fire with a match.

  3. Rake the coals in an even layer with grill tongs after they turn orange with a layer of white ash.

  4. Place the cooking grate onto the Weber over the live coals.

  5. Adjust the side vents on the lower half of the Weber so they are fully open. Use hot mitts when touching the metal vents. Opening the vents maximizes air flow to the coals for the greatest possible heat.

  6. Open the vent on the dome lid of the Weber as wide as possible to promote air circulation when grilling with the cover in place.

  7. Remove the cooking grate by the two handles with hot mitts to add more charcoal to the fire every two hours. Add 15 to 20 briquettes every two hours to sustain the fire.