How to Make a Temporary Window Covering

When you just move into a house or are in the midst of redecorating, you may need to cover a window temporarily. Although you may not want to spend a lot of time or money on the window treatment, you still want it to look good and provide privacy from the neighbors. In these types of situations, you may be able to use items from around the home or find some inexpensive items from the local store to give you a window covering that is both stylish and functional.

A temporary curtain gives you privacy.
  1. Install the curtain rod brackets. Place one bracket above the window to the left of the casing and the other to the right. Screw the nails into the holes located on the bracket.

  2. Place the curtain rod in the "C" curve scoop of the bracket. The curtain rod should be round. You can recycle the shaft of an old broom or mop for a small window rod.

  3. Turn under the top of an old sheet or piece of fabric 2 inches. Iron the fold. Glue the inside of the folded fabric together to make the curtain rod pocket. Repeat the procedure at the bottom of the fabric for the hem.

  4. Repeat the procedure at the bottom of the fabric to make the hem.

  5. Slide the material over the rod. Place the rod in the bracket. Pull the material over the window when you want privacy and pull it back to one side when you don't.