How to Stop Seagulls

Seagulls are found throughout the United States, but most particularly in coastal cities and towns. They are clever birds and figure out very quickly where the best food and nesting opportunities are, and can become a nuisance around residential homes and businesses. Because seagulls are protected by the Conservation of Wildlife Law, it is illegal to kill them or even to remove them. Before you call the professionals in, there are some legal things you can do to discourage seagulls from making your home, theirs.

Seagulls can be pests but are protected by law.
  1. Keep your home and surrounding area free of garbage that might create a food source for seagulls. Put lids on garbage bins and bring pet food inside or under a covered area.
  2. Do not place food, such as bread or vegetables, out for other birds or wild animals, or feed the seagulls deliberately.
  3. Discourage nesting on your roof or eaves by installing deterrents such as roof spikes, plastic owls or wire mesh. If you need to take these measures, do so before the nesting season for the best results.
  4. Contact a local licensed pest control company for seagull removal if they are already established and are becoming a major problem around your home. A pest control company will be able to assess the situation and will follow regulated procedures for removal.

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