How to Replace a Dryer Door Seal

Stop wasting money on your electric bill every month. Try this easy, inexpensive repair and save.

Replace a Dryer Door Seal
  1. Check to see if the current seal is leaking. Close the door, turn the dryer on and move a piece of tissue around the door. If it is sucked in at any point, you need to replace the seal.
  2. Buy a new seal and some nonflammable seal adhesive at an appliance store.
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  4. Pull off the old seal. If it doesn't come off easily, heat it with a hair dryer on the high setting while pulling gently.
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  6. Paint the adhesive on the back of the new seal.
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  8. Put the seal in place and press down.
  9. Let the adhesive dry completely before running the dryer again.

Things You Will Need

  • Dryer Gaskets
  • Nonflammable Seal Adhesives
  • Blow Dryers
  • Facial Tissues

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