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How to Build a Dirt Track for a Go-Kart

Don Kress

Dirt tracks are fairly easy and fun to build, particularly for go-carts fitted with off-road wheels and acceptable ground clearance. This means that you'll have to only remove a small amount of obstacles, while keeping some obstacles in place to heighten the interest in riding on the track. An ideal track for a youth go-kart should be in either a figure-eight pattern or an oval, and should include at least one long straight in which the go-kart will be allowed to reach its top speed.

Off-road go-kart tracks should incorporate a variety of challenges.
  1. Decide on the general layout of the dirt track and where it will be located. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to adhere to a specific shape or size for the track. If you've got room, making a large, irregularly shaped track works great.

  2. Mark the boundaries of the track using wooden stakes placed at intervals along the way.

  3. Remove any large obstructions from the path where the track will be located such as fallen logs or rocks. Rather than trying to smooth out high areas or move large rocks, consider working the track around them. The extra curves can increase the track's appeal.

  4. Set the cutting deck on the mower to its lowest setting and cut the grass or undergrowth out of the path of the dirt track. If the track is to incorporate some dense woodland riding, use a saw or hatchet to cut saplings out of the track if you can't uproot them by hand.

  5. Ride the go-kart around the track until the dirt beneath the wheels has packed into place. Eventually, you will find that the dirt won't allow seeds to permeate it, making it easier to maintain the dirt track once it is completed. This step may take several seasons, but the positive is that you can let the go-kart racers do this work for you.