How to Clean Sliding Door Tracks

Megan Shannon

Some areas of the home can be forgotten when doing simple house cleaning chores. The tracks of your sliding door are only one area that may be neglected at times. Luckily, there are many easy ways to clean the tracks, so you can incorporate this task into your normal cleaning schedule.

Keep your tracks looking clean and new.

After trying a few different methods, you will be able to determine which one works best for you.


Use a bar of soap and rub it on the tracks lightly, just to help the doors slide open and close easily.


Always let the sliding door tracks dry completely before using them.

    WD-40 is also great for many other household fixes.
  1. Use WD-40. Many people have found success in spraying WD-40 on the tracks. Once you spray, just slide the doors open and closed a few times to distribute the spray. Use a rag to wipe up any of the excess WD-40 left behind. Repeat this once a month if the doors aren't used regularly, and two or three times a month if they are used regularly.

  2. Soapy water is a quick and easy method.
  3. Mix soap and warm water. That's right, a simple mix of soapy water can clean your tracks and have them looking new. Simply dip a rag in the soapy mixture, then wipe the tracks. You could consider using a butter knife to get in the crevices of the track, but many have found that an old toothbrush works the best. Use a dry cloth to wipe up the excess dirt. Let the tracks dry completely before using.

  4. Spray Windex or similar spray cleaner. Usually any type of spray cleaner that is safe on all surfaces will clean the dirt away in the sliding door track with ease. Remove as much of the loose dirt as possible with a vacuum attachment, then spray the tracks with Windex. Now wipe the dirt away. Using a clean cloth, go over the tracks again to make sure you got all the dirt.