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How to Ground an Electrical Panel When Using PEX Water Lines

Bob White

The ground wire is the safety connection for your home's electrical system. If electricity gets somewhere it shouldn't, it provides a path to the earth. This mitigates the chances of electrocution by moving the electrical current to a safe location. Historically, electrical panels have been grounded to the metal supply water pipe. If your home has a PEX or plastic water supply line, you need to ground the system using grounding rods on the exterior of your home.

Houses with PEX water lines must be grounded with metal rods.
  1. Choose a location on the exterior of the home to install the grounding rods. This is ideally on the same side of the house as the electrical panel. It should also be in a location that minimizes the chances of the rods being mechanically damaged by vehicles or lawnmowers.

  2. Hold the first rod in a vertical position in the location you wish to install it. Drive the rod into the ground with the grounding rod driver. Leave 2 to 3 inches of rod exposed above the ground to make the electrical connection.

  3. Measure 8 feet from the first rod with a measuring tape. Drive the second rod into this location using the grounding rod driver.

  4. Loosen the screws on the copper rod clamps and wrap them around the top of the grounding rods. Tighten the screws down to secure them to the rods.

  5. Loosen both wire terminals on the copper clamps. Run the grounding wire between the two rods in series.

  6. Place the wire in the terminals and tighten them down.