How to Troubleshoot a Genie Pro 98 Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a luxury many people wouldn't want to live without. If your Genie Pro 98 garage door opener starts to act up, and you cannot get in or out of your garage, it becomes a very frustrating experience. Fortunately, you can fix most issues with a garage door opener, but before you can fix a problem, you must complete some troubleshooting.

Garage door openers are a great convenience.

Step 1

Press the button on the built-in transmitter that connects to the wall to raise or lower the door. The built-in transmitter has a 110-volt electrical source instead of batteries. If the garage door works when you press the built-in transmitter but not when you press the remote transmitter in your car, replace the batteries in the remote transmitter.

Step 2

Position a ladder directly under the main housing of the Genie Pro 98, which bolts to the ceiling of the garage, and inspect the power cord that plugs into the outlet built into the ceiling. If you use an extension cord to connect the power cord to a wall outlet, check that it is plugged in. If it is, unplug the garage door opener and plug in a known working appliance to ensure the outlet works. If it does not, check the breaker panel for a tripped breaker.

Step 3

Locate the eye sensor on the front of the housing. The eye sensor receives transmissions from the remote sensors and reacts to the buttons you push. If the sensors have dirt or dust on them, the door may not work. Wipe the sensors clean with a dry rag. In addition, clean the sensors on the remote transmitter.

Step 4

Inspect the tracking and the area around the tracking for any items placed in the way of the door. If the door strikes an item it will automatically go back up. This is a built-in child safety mechanism. The only way to resolve this is to remove any items that the door contacts on its way down.