How to Install a Stab Fitting on a Gas Line

Natural gas has been stored under ground for of millions of years. It was first commercialized in Britain in 1785 and was used for street and house lighting. Today natural gas is used for a wide range of processes, most commonly for home heating, hot water and cooking. The gas is delivered under pressure through a series of pipes installed underground. Maintaining tight seals at the pipes' joints is important for the system to work.

Stab fittings are used to join two sections of plastic gas pipe.

Step 1

Check that the stab fitting is the correct size for the pipe. The wall thickness printed on the pipe must equal the wall thickness printed on the fitting.

Step 2

Cut the pipe with the pipe cutter so that the end is perfectly straight.

Step 3

Clean off the end of the pipe with a rag to remove any dirt, grease or oil.

Step 4

Chamfer the end of the pipe with the chamfering tool. Insert the tool onto the end of the pipe and turn several times. This creates a beveled edge on the inside of the pipe. With the chamfering tool still on the pipe, mark the depth of the tool on the side of the pipe with a marker.

Step 5

Remove the chamfering tool and turn around and insert the gauge. If the red line is visible, repeat the chamfering process until it isn't.

Step 6

Insert pipe into fitting and push until the filling lines up with the line marked on the pipe. Repeat this process to joint the other side of the fitting.

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