Captain's Bed Instructions

Jennifer Lyons

Captain's beds are normally twin-size beds that have drawers at the bottom instead of a space beneath the bed. Some captain's beds also have built-in cabinets or bookshelves in the place of a headboard. There are different versions and styles, but captain's beds are most commonly found in children's rooms or college dorms. They maximize the space of a small area by combining the bed with a dresser and allowing for the utmost storage.

Build a captain's bed to utilize the space under the bed.
  1. Construct the headboard. If your captain's bed comes with a headboard that has cabinets or shelves integrated into it, build it first by following the included instructions. Place the two vertical pieces of the headboard on the floor and use a Phillips head screwdriver to screw together the horizontal pieces between them with metal brackets. Most kits will include metal dowels to place in holes for adjustable shelves. Place the dowels in the desired holes and slide in the shelves.

  2. Construct the drawers. In your captain's bed kit, separate the pieces to the base of the bed. Some kits that come with drawers on the bottom will already have that piece built into a drawer box. Open the first and third drawer. Attach the top drawer face (the fake drawers) to the top of the drawer box by screwing in the provided screws with an Allen wrench from below. Two screws will go within each drawer.

  3. Attach the frame. If your captain's bed kit comes with a set of removable drawers separate from the frame of the bed, construct the frame. Lean the headboard you built against a wall and place the footboard across from it. Screw a metal bracket on to each side of the head and footboard to support the long rails. Place the long rails perpendicularly between the head and footboard on the metal brackets. Screw the long rails into the metal brackets.

  4. Slide the set of drawers below the frame. If your bed is on carpeting, remove one of the long rails, slide the drawers under that side and replace the long rail.

  5. Place the slates perpendicularly between the two long rails if your bed came with a separate frame and not a drawer box. Make sure the bed slates are evenly spaced to prevent the mattress from falling through.

  6. Slide the box spring onto the bed frame or the drawer box. On drawer box models that come with a fake drawer face, the face will hide the box spring on one side. Slide the mattress on top of the box spring.