How to Remove Scorpions

Scorpions are intimidating looking pests. The highest concentration of scorpions is found in the U.S.'s southwestern states, especially in Arizona and California, but scorpions can also be found in grassy areas, caves, forests and savannas. These nocturnal creates typically will only sting their prey and are not a major danger to humans. Scorpion stings do hurt and there are a few species that are dangerous to humans. Scorpions are ecothermic creatures which means their body temperature is controlled by the temperature of their environment.

Scorpions are typically not dangerous to humans.
  1. Walk around your yard picking up and removing any debris, logs, large rocks, brush piles, woods chips or anything else a scorpion may hide under on burrow into. Removing the scorpion's habitat will help remove the scorpion.

  2. Check out the exterior of your home and fill any cracks or small crevices that a scorpion could enter your home through with spray foam or caulk.

  3. Inspect every floor of your home for cracks and crevices in the walls and fill with caulk or spray foam.

  4. Cut off any access to water inside your home that a scorpion may have. Fix leaky faucets and pipes. Empty any water bowls at night.

  5. Eliminate a scorpion's food supply inside the house by de-bugging your house. Scorpions eat insects, so getting rid of all of the possible food sources in your home with force a scorpion to move on.

  6. Clean your home. Pick up all newspapers, magazine and clutter that a scorpion could hide under. Keep wet, dirty laundry off your floors.

  7. Get a cat or chickens. Cats can be good scorpion hunters and chickens will eat just about anything they can get their beaks on, especially scorpions.

  8. Spread insecticide or pesticides. Scorpions have a fluorescent material in their cuticle so grab a black light and shine it all over your home. Wherever the black light picks up fluorescence, spray a pesticide formulated for indoor use there. Spray around the outside of your home as well.

  9. Call a professional exterminator to treat your home. When the temperature rises, scorpions either flee or die from the increase in temperature.

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