How to Close Up a Yellow Jacket Hole

Yellow jacket activity is heightened at the end of the summer. Yellow jackets construct their nests underneath the ground or up in the air during this season. When nests are underground they have an entrance hole that can measure up to 2 inches in diameter where the yellow jackets access the nest. If the nest is on your property and you have children or pets that could accidentally step in the entrance hole, take action immediately to kill the yellow jackets and seal the entrance hole to their nest to prevent a swarming attack.

Yellow jackets eat garden pests, so only destroy threatening nests.
  1. Wear gloves and a protective beekeeper's suit that includes a netted mask.

  2. Approach the entrance to the nest right before dusk. Move slowly and carefully and stay approximately 10 feet back from the hole.

  3. Spray aerosol insecticide at any flying yellow jackets you encounter and directly into the entrance hole of the nest.

  4. Push the rock down on top of the hole and pack potting soil over and around the rock to hold it in place.


  • Never treat nests with gasoline or flammable liquids.

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