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How to Get Rid of Bees Under Sheds With No Exterminator

Shara JJ Cooper

Bees are normally docile creatures that only attack humans when they feel threatened. However, a bees' nest in the backyard is worrisome, especially if children or pets use the area. Bees' nests under a shed are even trickier to remove because they are hard to reach.

Bees like yards that have plenty of nectar but will travel for their food if they need to.


If the bees' nest is near a hole in the shed, pour honey over the nest. Raccoons and skunks will smell the honey and dig up the nest for you. Work with bees' nests in the cool morning or evening when the bees are home. You will kill more bees this way. Bees only use their nests for one season, so if you do not want to exterminate the bees yourself, the bees will die over the winter months and shouldn't return the next year.


Never handle bees if you suspect you might be allergic to them.

Always wear protective gear when working with bees. A bee net, thick, long-sleeved shirt and heavy pants, plus thick socks, gloves and heavy boots are necessary. Make sure bees can't fly into the neckline of your shirt or up your sleeves or pant legs.

If the nest cannot be sealed up, the bees need to be killed. This is done using a combination of methods for the most effective results.

  1. Use an insect "bomb" that contains pyrethrin and rotenone. These products are designed to kill insects by slowing them down and eventually killing them. Hold the trigger of the aerosol can down and roll the bomb under the shed. Do this in the cooler hours of the morning or evening when the bees are under the shed. Bug spray with pyrethrin and rotenone also works if you can see and spray the bee's nest.

  2. Vacuum the bees as they come out of the nest using a portable vacuum that has sealable vacuum bags. Wear protective gear including thick clothing, a bee mask, gloves and heavy boots with your pants in the socks so the bees can't fly up a pant leg. Agitate the bee nest if it is visible. Collect the honeycombs if you can see them and put them in freezer bags. Vacuum any bees off of your clothes. Freeze the honeycombs and vacuum bags to kill the bees.

  3. Spread insecticidal soap onto the petals of the flowers that the bees like. Follow the instructions for mixing the soap and apply it heavily to the flowers. The soap needs to be wet to work so you may need to reapply the next day if you still see a lot of bees. This should eliminate any remaining bees from that nest.