How to Recover a Recliner Chair

Steven White

New recliners are expensive, but there are plenty of used recliner's available at secondhand stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. In fact, you might even get lucky and find an old one sitting by a dumpster. These old recliners may look worn out, but with some fabric, you'll have a shiny, recovered recliner to enjoy for a fraction of the price.

Recover your old recliner before sending it out to pasture.
  1. Remove all the old fabric from the recliner using a seam ripper. Always remove the fabric from the seams and keep the original size of each piece.

  2. Label the pieces with a permanent marker as you remove them so that you'll know how each piece re-fits when you recover the recliner.

  3. Place all your pieces together and measure the amount of fabric you'll need in square inches. Divide the amount by 12 to determine how many feet of fabric you'll need.

  4. Select your new fabric from a fabric store. Good choices for fabrics would be any heavy woven fabrics such as denim, khaki or any upholstery fabrics.

  5. Trace the pieces of old chair fabric onto the new upholstery fabric using pins and a disappearing ink marker.

  6. Sew the new cover pieces together.

  7. Position the new fabric onto the recliner. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric where necessary to the wood frame.