Hemnes Day Bed Instructions

Heather Reeher

IKEA furniture is designed to be assembled at home by the consumer. All products come flat-packed with hardware and a trusty Allen wrench. Some furniture is simple to put together, and requires only a few screws. The Hemnes daybed is a more complicated piece. This bed boasts drawers for storage as well as a roll-out trundle bed. Assembly of this piece requires time, patience, and many more steps and hardware pieces than most IKEA products.

Assembling the Trundle Bed/Drawer Base

You need more than the included Allen wrench to assemble the Hemnes Daybed.
  1. Use the Philips screwdriver to attach two wheels (part number 111401) with screws (109049) to each of four cross pieces.

  2. Attach one drawer glide (104140) to three of four cross pieces, using three short screws (108462) per glide. The "wheel" on the glide should be closest to you, and attached to the 'left' of the cross piece.

  3. Set one "left" cross piece/glide combination aside.

  4. Screw the remaining three glides to the "right" side of the cross pieces using three screws (108462) per glide. The fourth cross piece will have a "right" side only. (Two will have glides on both sides; one will have a "left' glide and one will have a "right" glide.)

  5. Orient the back drawer assembly so the sets of three holes face away from you and the single holes are closest to you.

  6. Use the Philips screwdriver to attach screw pegs (118331) to the center hole of each cluster of three pegs (four of these total)

  7. Attach four more screw pegs (118331) to the clusters of two holes on the sides, placing the peg in the hole that is farther from you (two on the right end, and two on the left end).

  8. Place two wooden pegs (101350) in the remaining two holes in each cluster of three (eight pegs total); use the hammer as needed.

  9. Slide the cross pieces onto the peg assembly, making sure that the wheels of the glide are up, and that the "left" glide faces in, and the right glide faces in. The outer right and left sides should not have a glide on the open side.

  10. Use the flathead screwdriver to attach a cam lock (103430) in the lower hole of each cross piece.

  11. Place six wooden pegs (101350) in the remaining holes on the left and right sides of the back drawer frame.

  12. Slide the left drawer side onto the peg assembly, then slide the right drawer side onto the peg assembly.

  13. Screw two cam locks (103430) into the left bed side with the flathead screwdriver. Screw two more cam locks into the right drawer side.

  14. Screw eight short screws (116894) with the Philips screwdriver to attach the metal rail to the back drawer assembly. The open holes should face away from the slats and glides.

  15. Attach the metal rail with Philips and eight short screws (116894) to the drawer assembly. Make sure on the front side that the open holes face down to the drawer openings.

  16. Place four screw pegs into the center hole of each group of three holes. Screw four more into the groups of two holes, making sure the screw peg is in the hole closer to the sets of three.

  17. Place 14 wooden pegs (101350) in the remaining holes. Use a hammer if necessary.

  18. Attach the front drawer assembly to the cross piece assembly.

  19. Use the flathead screwdriver to secure eight cam locks (103430); four to the cross pieces, two on the left side, and two on the right side.

Attaching the Bed Slats for the Trundle

  1. Separate the short bed slats from the longer slats. These steps use the shorter slats.

  2. Press two pegs (110525) into nine of the short slats (18 total), leaving three slats without pegs.

  3. Place one of the peg-less slats on the trundle assembly rails, second hole from the left.

  4. Place another peg-less slat on the second hole from the right on the trundle assembly.

  5. Place the remaining peg-less slat on the fourteenth hole from the end of the trundle assembly.

  6. Attach those three slats by screwing two screws (116894) per slat from the underside (six screws total).

  7. Place the pegged slats in every other hole (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) from each end, five pegged slats between the fixed slats on both sides.

Assemble the Daybed

  1. Attach two round feet (107271) to each bed side.

  2. Press three wooden pegs (101350) into the left side of the daybed back, and three into the right side of the daybed back.

  3. Attach a metal rail to the bottom of the daybed back side with eight screws (116894). The open holes should face down.

  4. Line up the left and right sides with the daybed back side. Press two cam locks (108903) into the back side holes.

  5. Use the Allen wrench to screw in two long screws (105236) on the left side and two more on the right side.

  6. Attach the long, U-shaped metal rail to the front of the daybed with four screws (116894).

Attaching the Daybed Slats

  1. Separate the two slats that have two screw holes on their long side from the other slats.

  2. Screw an L-bracket to each of those two slats, using two screws (116894) each.

  3. Place the slat with the L-bracket facing front and to the left on the left end of the daybed, and place the slat with the L-bracket facing right on the right end of the daybed.

  4. Attach a screw (116894) from the bottom up on the back side, making sure the slat sits on top of the rail.

  5. Attach the slats with a screw (116894) each on the front end, but make sure the slat is below the rail. The screw will go from the top down.

  6. Place 11 pegs (110525) on one side only of the remaining slats.

  7. Slide the slats into the holes on the back rail of the bed frame.

  8. Place the slat under the front rail of the bed frame, and screw them from the top down with 11 screws (116894) to attach.

  9. With the help of a partner, slide the trundle assembly into the daybed frame, making sure that the L-brackets to the side clear the back of the assembly.

Finishing Pieces

  1. Insert two wooden pegs (101350) on the left and right sides of the back finishing piece.

  2. Slide the left and right side finishing pieces onto the back finishing piece.

  3. Use the hammer to tap in 10 pegs (104012) into the holes on top of the daybed frame.

  4. Lift the back finishing assembly with a partner.

  5. Slide the back finishing assembly onto the top of the daybed frame, making sure it lays flush with the top of the daybed.

Drawer Assembly

  1. Screw in four screw pegs (118331) in both the front of the drawer and four more in the back of the drawer.

  2. Attach the drawer glides to the drawer sides with two short screws (108462) per side.

  3. Slide the left and right drawer sides onto the front drawer. Make sure the glides on the side pieces face out and the wheel of the glide is farthest from the front.

  4. Place two cam locks (103114) in each side, and tighten with the flathead screwdriver.

  5. Slide the bottom of the drawer into the front/side assembly.

  6. Slide the back drawer side onto the front/side assembly.

  7. Place two cam locks (103114) in each side and tighten with the flathead screwdriver.

  8. Attach the knob (117615) to the front of the drawer, using a long screw (100413) and a Phillips screwdriver.

  9. Repeat this section to assemble the other two drawers, then insert the drawers into the daybed/trundle assembly.