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How to Put HydroBalls in a Terrarium

Michelle Ullman

Many reptiles, all amphibians and tropical plants grown in a terrarium require humidity levels higher than room air provides. HydroBalls are made of lightweight clay and absorb water before releasing it through evaporation to provide increased humidity in the terrarium. This will keep your pet healthy and help recreate its natural environment.


HydroBalls maintain humidity levels for healthy terrarium pets.

Step 1

Rinse the HydroBalls well to remove any dust. Place a layer of HydroBalls in the bottom of your terrarium. Fill to a depth of 2 inches.

Step 2

Place terrarium substrate mesh over HydroBalls to prevent mixing with substrate. Substrate mesh should be the same size as your terrarium bottom.

Step 3

The substrate you use will depend on what type of animal you are keeping.

Add substrate suitable for the specific reptile or animal you are keeping in the terrarium. Different species require different substrates, including various types of wood chips, moss, sand or gravel. If you are not certain, consult a professional at a pet supply or reptile specialty shop.

Step 4

Add enough dechlorinated water to create a shallow layer of water in the bottom of the tank. The amount of water added will depend on temperature, humidity level in the room and type of reptile or amphibian in the tank. You will need to check daily to make sure humidity in the tank is adequate, and add water when necessary. It is best to have a humidity gauge in the tank.