How to Set Up a Sunjoy Gazebo

Sunjoy Gazebos can be a wonderful way to enjoy the weather with your family and friends. They sit outside in a backyard, poolside, park, restaurant or bar to provide shade and enjoyment. Setting these up is actually not to difficult, and can be accomplished in a minimal amount of time with some effort and skill.

Set up a Sunjoy Gazebo to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Determine the space where you want to use the gazebo; arrange for the space. Measure the area to be at least 10-by-12 feet.

Lay out all the pieces in numeric order on the ground.

Place a marker at each of the four points of the rectangle you measured, and one in the center.

Connect the screens and stand them upright. You may need a second person to help you with this task. Use the bolt, washer and nut to fasten the screens with a wrench. Fasten the horizontal poles in the same way.

Connect the diagonal poles across the center, fastening the bolt, washer and nut using a wrench. Attach them in the center of the gazebo. Connect the poles to the corners and center to form the canopy frame.

Hang the canopy on top of the gazebo and the sun shades on the sides. Fasten the four corner brackets to the four corners of the gazebo. Form a tight triangle shape to provide stability at each corner.

Things You Will Need

  • Eye goggles
  • Adjustable wrench (a special wrench is provided with the kit)
  • Hammer or stake mallet
  • Ladder
  • Roll of duct or masking tape
  • Can of fluorescent spray paint
  • Steel measuring tape
  • 4-by-8 sheet of used plywood or cardboard pieces taped together
  • Printout of "Instruction Manual Parts List"

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