How to Cut Rocks

It is necessary to cut rocks for a variety of reasons.

Use a flat-blade chisel and hammer to cut a rock.Use a flat-blade chisel and hammer to cut a rock.
Rocks are cut to a specific shape for use in a landscape project. Rocks, such as a geodes, are cut open to expose crystals hidden inside. Different methods are used to cut rock, including power saws. However, a basic method of cutting rock involves the use of two basic tools. It is essential to understand the process involved when cutting rock in this manner for best results.

Put on safety glasses and gloves for protection before starting the project.

Position the rock on a suitable work surface so it is supported and will not move or roll.

Draw a line on the rock with a piece of chalk. Draw the line where you intend to cut the rock.

Place the edge of the chisel on the chalk. Position the chisel edge so that it lines up with the chalk line.

Tap the handle of the chisel with the hammer to begin forming a small crack. Continue to move the chisel point along the chalk line, tapping the chisel as you go.

Continue moving the chisel point along the chalk line to increase and control the crack that is formed until the rock is cut.

Things You Will Need

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Chalk
  • Flat-blade chisel
  • Hammer

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