Knudson Gutter Machine Operating & Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide

Alan Temple

Succumbing to common problems can quickly turn a machine which is supposed to be a time-saver into a tedious chore. Such is the way with the Knudson Gutter Machine; this product should produce a vital household necessity with the minimum of fuss, instead it could prove a nuisance. This is due to issues such as precipitation interfering with the system, misaligned rollers and a faulty entry system -- all of which must be diagnosed and dealt with if they occur.

  1. Check to make sure the Knudson Gutter Machine is properly configured for use. This means making sure it is properly connected to an active power source -- if the breaker has tripped, reset it -- and ensuring that wires are not frayed or otherwise damaged. You should also position the forward/reverse switch to the forward position to arm it for use and place runout stands 6 feet from the machine and at 6-foot intervals.

  2. Keep the machine away from wet conditions, which can potentially play havoc with the electronics. If using outdoors, keep it free of moisture or precipitation.

  3. Inspect a sample of gutter about 8 feet long for proper form. Look for any scratches or faults from the rollers or any other damage. Check the rollers for proper alignment if there is a problem in the gutter sample.

  4. Check the positioning of entrance guides on the Knudson Gutter Machine, as this can often be the cause of structural faults with the end product.