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How to Make Stair Railings More Sturdy

J. Johnson

Stair railings are connected along a series of banisters that end with a stabilizing post. The railing portion of this system is designed for you to grip as you walk up and down the stairs, which adds to overall safety of the stairway and helps prevent slip and fall accidents. A banister is less safe when the stair railings become loose or flimsy. If you notice this problem, take the time to fix it right away.

A stair railing should be tight and secure.
  1. Locate the exact location where the stair railing has come loose. This is where it can wiggle when pulled back and forth.

  2. Check out the hardware used to attached the stair railings to the post or to the wall.

  3. Remove the old hardware at the site where the stair railings seems loose. Use a wrench or screwdriver to remove. The hardware may be stripped, worn or rusted.

  4. Replace the old hardware with new bolts or lag screws, depending on what you removed. Tighten well to make the stair railing sturdier.

  5. Apply a bead of heavy duty glue to any areas that are wiggling but that do not have hardware, such as where the balusters meet the railing. The source of the problem could also be coming from where the balusters meet each stair. In extreme cases, screws can be installed to make the balusters sturdier.