How to Install Weber Flavorizer Bars

Weber manufactures outdoor charcoal, natural gas and propane grilling devices.

To properly distribute heat, reduce "flame up" and provide added flavor to the food being cooked on a Weber natural gas or propane-fueled grill, certain models feature one or several "V" shaped "Flavorizer Bars. " Overtime, the original Flavorizer Bars installed on a Weber grill may corrode or become damaged from exposure to the elements and heavy use. Replace the Flavorizer Bars to restore proper cooking performance. .

Turn off the grill and allow it to cool.

Open the hood and remove the top rack. Remove the bottommost rack as well, if applicable.

Lift each "V" shaped Flavorizer Bar from the grill and discard as necessary.

Set each Flavorizer Bar within the grilling box, above the burner area, with the pointed ends facing up. Be sure to position each Flavorizer evenly within the grilling box.

Replace the racks and close the hood to complete the installation process.

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement Flavorizer Bars

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