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How to Re-Chrome Furniture

Jaimie Zinski

Chrome on your furniture, from benches to bar stools, will make the pieces stand out and shine, much like chrome on an automobile. After time and wear, however, the chrome paint on these pieces will begin to chip off and fade, dimming the furniture's luster. Bring back the shiny appearance by rechroming your furniture with a can of chrome spray paint and sandpaper.

Repair or repaint a chrome stool.
  1. Clean the piece with an all-purpose household spray cleaner. Spray the surface of the piece and wipe away the cleaner with paper towel to remove any dirt or grime on the furniture.

  2. Roughen up the furniture's surface with a piece of wet 180-grit sandpaper. This will not only help the piece accept the primer and paint more effectively, it will also remove any remaining chrome from the furniture, giving you a cleaner finished product.

  3. Remove any sanding dust by wiping the piece with a wet cloth. Allow the piece to dry completely before continuing.

  4. Cover any areas you do not want covered with primer or paint with painter's tape and heavy brown paper. This includes any wood, decorative or upholstered areas.

  5. Cover the piece with a thin layer of primer. Use a paintbrush and primer specifically designed for the type of material you are working with. For example, if the piece is plastic, use a plastic primer. Use a primer designed for metal to rechrome metal furniture.

  6. Allow the primer to dry for at least six to eight hours before spraying the furniture with a thin layer of chrome spray paint. Use even, back-and-forth strokes to create a more polished finished appearance.

  7. Allow the first coat to dry for at least six to eight hours before examining the piece. Remove any paint drips or other imperfection with 180-grit sandpaper.

  8. Apply a second coat of the chrome spray paint on the furniture. Allow the second coat to dry and set for at least 12 hours before carefully removing the paper and painter's tape.