How to Frost the Glass for Privacy

Frosting glass is an easy and inexpensive way for homeowners and renters to add privacy to rooms within their homes. There are two basic types of window frost available in most home improvement stores: semi-permanent frosting spray and permanent frosting. Semi-permanent frosting spray will provide partial coverage, whereas permanent window frosting will provide full coverage and privacy. Each type of frosting has its advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to research each type prior to purchase.

Semi-Permanent Frosting Spray

Frosting glass helps add privacy to homes.

Step 1

Spray semi-permanent frosting spray directly onto the window glass, taking caution not to spray the window panes and trim. If desired, use painter's tape to tape off the area around the glass. Allow the spray to dry completely.

Step 2

Apply a second coat of semi-permanent frosting spray to the glass for additional coverage, and allow to dry completely. You may wish to continue adding additional layers of frosting spray until you have obtained the desired amount of privacy coverage.

Step 3

Remove semi-permanent frosting spray by scraping the frosted side of the window glass with a sharp razor blade or piece of rough cloth.

Permanent Frosting Film

Step 1

Cut the permanent frosted film so that it measures approximately 1/2 inch larger than the window glass on each side.

Step 2

Apply the permanent frosted film to the window. Begin by liberally spraying the glass with the soap and water solution. Remove the backing from the frosted film and apply the film to the window. The water solution and film adhesive will work together to create a permanent bond between the glass and the frosted film.

Step 3

Flatten out any air bubbles by using the squeegee to push them to the edges of the frosted film.

Step 4

Trim excess frosted film using a sharp utility knife.