Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Once you decide if you want the door to open from the left or right side, this will determine from which side to install the glass door's hinges. Double check to make sure the door won't hit anything when it is fully opened.

Decide Which Way the Glass Door Will Open

Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Intalling Glass Door Hinges

Install the hinges by first placing the glass in your shower stall opening, resting it on a set of shims so it does not break. Use a pencil or pen to mark where the hinge holes will go and remove the glass door away from the opening. Use a drill to drill your holes. Using 2-inch screws, drive the hinges into the wall opening of your shower stall, making sure the screws go into the holes you drilled. Make sure to leave 3/16 of an inch between the glass edge and the edge of the hinge.

Setting Your Framelss Glass Shower Door

Set the door on protective shims, making sure there is enough clearance between the door and the bottom of the shower stall opening. Mark the hole locations with a pen or a pencil. Gently remove the door and use a drill to make your holes. Take care to only drill through the tile and not through any wood or drywall. Use a hammer to install the anchors and slice off any part of the anchor that remains sticking out. Insert the door and screw in the screws.

Install the handle

Use a screwdriver to insert the screws that will adhere the handle to the frameless glass shower door.

Safety Considerations

Although it is not necessary to wear gloves or safety goggles during a frameless glass shower door installation, you may need a second person on hand to help you move the glass door back and forth. Keep in mind that the glass door is heavy and must be handled with care to avoid damage.