My LG DLE8377NM Dryer Says Check the Filter

LG designed the DLE8377NM electronic dryer with an LCD display to provide better communication between the appliance and user before, during and after each cycle. Easy-to-read, full text messages appear across the top of the display, suggesting maintenance or warning of a problem instead of the indecipherable numeric warnings associated with rival dryers. The "Check Filter" warning is very common on the LG DLE8377NM; understanding its appearance helps you get the best out of your dryer.

The Message

"Check Filter" appears on the display while the power is switched on before a cycle begins. The message reminds users to remove and wipe clean the lint trap before the start of each cycle to prevent excessive dust buildup. The message does not indicate a problem with the dryer or the lint screen.

Cleaning the Lint Filter

The lint filter, located inside a slot in the bottom of the door frame, catches stray dust and lint and prevents it sticking to clothes. Over time the screen becomes clogged and reduces air flow around the dryer. To clean, wipe the gathered lint and dust into the garbage, and return the filter to its slot. LG recommends washing and drying the filter in the sink with warm soapy water and a nylon cloth once every six months to remove stubborn lint.

Lint-producing Fabrics

Towels, chenille and new items of clothing produce more lint than regular fabrics. To reduce lint, keep lint-producing fabrics separate from those that attract lint, such as corduroy and synthetic fibers. Stray tissues or pieces of paper left in pockets also turn into lint in the dryer.


A blocked lint screen reduces the efficiency of the dryer, prolongs drying times and places unnecessary stress on the motor and other internal parts. Your appliance may break down more frequently, run longer or leave clothes damp at the end of the cycle if you fail to clean the lint screen.