Types of Deck Stairs

Deck stairs come in various shapes and sizes as second-story decks require larger stairs than grounded decks.

Half-moon Stairs

Deck stairs allow you to leave your outdoor deck and enter your garden and yard. If you are adding deck stairs to your outside deck, see that your preferred design matches your available space so you do not lose the appeal of your yard.

Deck stairs for grounded decks often consist of one to five individual steps, which means that the overall height of the stairs is rather small, but you can still get creative with your design. Create a wooden half-moon design if you have a wide space available on the ground and on the side of the deck. Another option for grounded decks is adding a small set of stairs built with bricks, which is a creative method to create a cohesive look between the brick used to build your house and the stairs on your deck.

Full Set of Stairs

Larger decks that are part of the second story of a home can have a full set of stairs between the deck itself and the ground. A full set of stairs offer hand railings and a consistent width for every step. The stairs can take a common Z-shape in which the horizontal lines indicate the deck and the ground. However, if the side of the deck is not as wide, a wraparound staircase may be more appropriate. In this design, the opening of the stairs is on one side of the deck and, as the steps get closer to the ground, the staircase wraps around the deck and its supportive beams in a 90-degree angle.

Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase is also an option for decks located on the second story of a house. The spiral staircase offers a decorative and classic touch to a house and deck. This type of staircase is ideal for decks that have very little space available on the ground for stairs. The space may be compromised with gardens, bushes or storage, for example.

Choosing Deck Stairs

When you are selecting the stairs for your deck, ensure that your chosen stairs are suited for the area where they will be located, especially on the ground. You want a level ground so the last step is securely placed on the ground. In addition, you do not want to add a full staircase in a small yard as it may appear overpowering. Instead, look for a decorative or simple spiral staircase.

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