My Sliding Drawer Won't Come Out

Most cabinets have drawers that slide in and out to make necessary items more accessible at any given time. However, a sliding drawer may stop sliding in and out of the cabinet for various reasons. Diagnose the problem with the sliding tracks before attempting to resolve the issue. Knowing the problem allows you to solve the problem quickly.

Dismounted Tracks

A sliding drawer may not pull out of the cabinet because of dismounted tracks. During the original installation, the base part of the sliding tracks install on the cabinet's inside, while the sliding track components are installed directly on the drawer's sides. If the drawer holds too much weight, the sliding tracks can dismount from either the cabinet or the drawer itself. This can cause the sliding tracks to stick because the tracks are not level once the tracks dismount.

Disconnected Tracks

Sliding tracks are essentially two tracks working together. The main track installed on the cabinet frame provides the space for the sliding track installed on the drawer. The sliding track on the drawer must insert into the main frame on the cabinet to work properly. If the sliding track disconnects from the main frame, it won't slide as expected. Remove the drawer completely from the frame unit and reattach the sliding tracks in the bases.

Unlevel Track

An uneven installation of new gliding tracks could also prevent sliding drawers from functioning as expected. You must use a level when installing sliding tracks to ensure the tracks slide properly. Installing base tracks on even a slight angle while attaching sliding tracks evenly can cause a problem when connecting the two. The drawer track may hit the base tracks on an angle. Repair this issue by uninstalling the tracks and reinstalling them using a level.

Objects in Tracks

Check the sliding tracks on both the cabinet frame and the drawer slides. There may be objects in the tracks preventing them for sliding properly. If so, locate the object and remove it from the track. Objects can include small food items, utensils and something as small as a peppercorn. If the tracks are new and had stickers holding them together, the sticky surfaces may also prevent the sliding tracks from gliding smoothly. Wash the sticky part with a wet cloth to remove the adhesion.

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