Is There a Black Vinyl Peel-&-Stick Appliance Cover?

New appliances are expensive, but peel-and-stick replacement panels are a good do-it-yourself, budget-conscious approach to kitchen updating. Peel-and-stick covers come in a wide variety of finishes, but all instantly update the look of old appliances. Take your white appliances to black vinyl in no time flat.


Contact paper gives budget color flexibility to any kitchen.

Peel-and-stick covers are versatile and heat resistant. You can use peel-and-stick covers on the sides of stoves and microwaves because they can endure temperatures up to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). However, the versatility of peel-and-stick covers doesn’t end here. You can use these durable covers over countertops and backsplashes, too.


In most cases, you can purchase enough material to cover a standard-size refrigerator for under $100 and an entire kitchen for less than the cost of a new range. Peel-and-stick covers can be installed in just a few hours and don’t require lengthy instruction manuals like new appliances do.


Peel-and-stick films come in a wide variety of color choices, and all offer seamless results. However, as opposed to sticky backing, peel-and-stick appliance covers also come in a magnet style, acting just like a refrigerator magnet on the front of your appliance, custom cut to your liking. Magnet covers come at about the same price, but customers say they are easier to install and remove than peel-and-stick options. Another option, more permanent in nature, is appliance paint. However, out of all the options, this is probably the most cost-effective solution.


One big advantage to low cost, do-it-yourself appliance design solutions like peel-and-stick labels, paints, and magnets is the speed and ease in which you can change and update your kitchen at a fraction of the high cost of appliances. Additionally, because of all of the different designs, styles and options you have between these types of appliance covers, you have the power to customize your kitchen as a true reflection of your personal style that you don’t get from buying brand new appliances.