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My GE Profile Freezer Door Is Not Staying Shut

Meredith Jameson

GE Profile refrigerators come with the freezer next to the refrigerator, as well as on top or below the refrigerator compartment. Typically the freezer door closes when shut and stays that way. However, if the freezer door is not remaining closed, the issues may be with the positioning of the refrigerator or the freezer door itself.

Door Gasket

Sometimes the door gasket, or seal on the freezer, gets dirty and this debris prevents the door from closing completely or staying shut. Examine the door gasket and use a mixture of baking soda and warm water to wipe the gasket clean. While you are cleaning the gasket, examine the seal closely for signs of damage or cracking that might be causing the problem. If the gasket is broken or split, contact GE for service. If the gasket is folded over or sticking, apply a thin amount of paraffin wax to re-lubricate the gasket and help the seal stay in position.

Freezer Items

Many of us find that we have a jam-packed freezer on a regular basis. While this may make sense in terms of storing food on a long-term basis, there is such thing as too much food in the freezer. If food objects are obstructing the door, the door might end up popping back open because the gasket cannot form a tight seal. Move items away from the door to prevent this from occurring.


The GE Profile refrigerator must be level for the doors to stay closed properly, especially on side-to-side models. Lift up on each side of the toe grille in the front of the refrigerator and then pull the grille straight off to remove. Then examine the roller screws on each side of the bottom front of the unit and use an adjustable wrench to tighten the screws (raise the rollers) or lower the screws (lower the rollers). When properly adjusted, the front of the refrigerator will be positioned a little higher than the back of the refrigerator, which you can test by closing the doors. If the doors stay shut, including the freezer door, the adjustments are correct.


Another potential cause for a freezer door that won’t stay closed is the floor on which the refrigerator is installed. While adjusting the rollers to make the refrigerator itself level will certainly help, if the floor is too weak for the weight of the refrigerator, the floor might bend or flex. This creates an unstable surface and causes the refrigerator to be uneven. Look at the floor closely and consider moving the refrigerator to a new spot if there seems to be sagging, or use shims to provide additional support.