What Is R-Panel Roofing?

R-Panel roofing is a type of popular corrugated, fastened metal roofing material. R-Panel material comes in a standard 26-gauge material with its distinctive 1 1/4-inch trapezoidal ribs every 12 inches. R-Panel is most often used in commercial building projects. It is cost-effective, energy-efficient and ideal for most retrofitting projects.


R-Panel can be easily customized to fit any roof design.

R-Panel roofing is most appropriate for agricultural and industrial uses. It is suitable for buildings such as warehouses where cost-effectiveness outweighs the need for aesthetics. R-Panel is generally not appropriate for homes, office buildings or schools. R-Panel roofing can be used on roofs with slopes as low as 1/12.


The greatest advantage of R-Panel roofing is its cost-effectiveness. It is a lightweight building material that installs quickly and easily. These savings transfer to a lower building project cost. R-Panel is also cost-effective during the life of the building because it is energy-efficient, fire-resistant and hail-resistant. Certain colors of R-panel acrylic coatings are Energy Star rated, which is a government rating signifying high energy efficiency.


Leaking is the greatest disadvantage of exposed fastener metal roofs such as R-Panel. As the roof is exposed to changing weather conditions, the roof will contract and expand. This causes the fastener holes to elongate and will eventually contribute to a leaking roof.


R-Panel roofing is an ideal retrofitting material, because it installs easily over an old roof or directly over the frame or a solid substrate. The R-Panel meets most building codes and can even be installed as a siding material as well. Many manufacturers warranty their R-Panel roofs for up to 40 years.