The Magic Chef Refrigerator (Model MCBR415S) Is Not Cooling

Damarious Page

The Magic Chef MCBR415S refrigerator model has a smaller storage capacity at 4.0 cubic feet, relative to larger fridges with 10 to 30 cubic feet of capacity. Nonetheless, this compact appliance holds both a sizable freezer and refrigerator in one unit, compared to other refrigerators in the same class with miniature freezers. If your refrigerator is not cooling, Magic Chef recommends that you try four troubleshooting techniques that can possibly fix this issue, without the need for a service call.


Avoid storing hot leftovers and bulky pizza boxes in the refrigerator.

All refrigerators need an airtight seal to keep in cold air and block out warmer, ambient air in the surrounding kitchen. The doors on the refrigerator and freezer portions of the Magic Chef MCBR415S have seals around their frames. These seals form a continuous magnetic ring when the door is closed against the refrigerator's frame. Visually inspect the seals under room lighting or with a flashlight. If you find food matter or dirt, use lukewarm water mixed with a mild dish soap to wipe away the debris with a paper towel. Inspect the cleaned seal for material damage in the way of perforations or cuts that prevent the door from creating an unbroken, airtight seal. You or a service technician may have to order a new seal and replace the damaged one.


The cold air in your Magic Chef refrigerator flows from only a few air vents throughout the entire appliance. Basic scientific laws, such as "cold air falls," and blower fans help circulate air throughout the appliance to reach the sides, top and bottom. However, if the refrigerator or freezer compartments are overloaded, the flow of cold air around some food and liquid items may be interrupted. Move your food items around to increase air flow. For example, take advantage of the bottle holders in the door to store your sodas and other liquids in large containers. Place smaller items, such as food containers and fruits and veggies, in the body of the refrigerator.

Hot Foods

The door seals serve their function of keeping in colder air. However, if you intentionally place hot foods in the refrigerator, then you are negating the purpose of keeping warmer air out. Hot air travels toward cold air. Placing a hot pot of soup or large casserole dish in the refrigerator will affect the internal temperature of the appliance. Allow hot foods and liquids to cool down to room temperature before placing them in the refrigerator.


The Magic Chef refrigerator uses mechanical components that do need some exposure to the outside air in the kitchen or room. Modern refrigerators use a cooling process that actually involves internally compressing a gas, which then gives off heat energy. Some of this heat needs to get released into the room. However, if you have the refrigerator too close to the back or side walls, then you may be cutting off the circulation of air, affecting the overall cooling process. Carefully pull the back and sides of the refrigerator away from the surrounding walls and cabinets. The minimum clearance from the wall should be 1 to 2 inches.