My Admiral Dishwasher Will Not Drain

Admiral dishwashers were originally produced by Whirlpool and distributed through Home Depot. Whirlpool doesn't make them anymore; so if your Admiral dishwasher breaks down, it may be challenging to find the parts or repairs that you need. Fortunately, troubleshooting dishwasher problems yourself often negates the need for a service call. If your Admiral dishwasher doesn't drain properly, inspect it to locate the source of the problem.

Remove Standing Water

Inspecting the dishwasher to locate the source of the drainage problem is more challenging if the appliance is still filled with water. Empty the dishwasher entirely so there aren't any dishes in it then use a shop vacuum to suck out the water so you have unimpeded access to the drain. As it fills up, empty the vac into the sink and continue the process until all of the water is gone.

Clean the Inside Basin

Crumbs and other food debris often build up inside a dishwasher as people drop their dirty plates and bowls into the racks. The debris is sometimes too large to flow through the drain properly, and this causes clogs, preventing your Admiral dishwasher from draining. Wipe out the entire dishwasher with a damp rag to clean away any deposits from the walls and scoop out any debris from the bottom of the basin that could contribute to draining problems. If necessary, hold the end of the shop vac hose up against the drain and turn it on to suck out any debris in the drain.

Clear the Drain

A clogged drain is a likely source of drainage problems in dishwashers, including Admiral models. When trying to clear a drain, start with milder methods first then increase the strength of the solvents if the initial attempts are unsuccessful. Fill a bucket with hot water and a few drops of liquid dish soap and pour it down the drain. The combination of water pressure, heat and degreasers in the soap should break up the clog. If that doesn't work, suck out any standing water with the shop vac again then pour a quart of white vinegar down the drain. The vinegar's acidity helps break up clogs. Move on to drain cleaners if necessary. Rinse the drain in between applications.

Inspect the Drain Hoses

The drain itself may not be the problem. The dishwasher uses a series of hoses to get water in and out of the machine; and if the hoses kink or clog, the Admiral dishwasher won't work properly. Inspect the hoses connected to your dishwasher under the sink and look for any kinks; straighten them out if necessary. If your sink has an air gap, unscrew the top of it to check for clogs as well. The air gap is up near the faucet; and if it clogs, the dishwasher won't drain adequately. If none of these steps works, the dishwasher likely has a damaged component, such as a broken belt or pump. Contact a repair person, preferably one familiar with Whirlpool since they made Admiral models, to have the appliance repaired.

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