How to Build a Frameless Glass Shower

A frameless shower enclosure can elevate the style of your bathroom to spa quality.

Enclosure Options

Choose a frameless shower to suit the decor of your bathroom.
Frameless shower kits can be found at hardware stores making the installation a process you can do. Frameless shower kits are available at a variety of price points and can be used for enclosures with stone and tile or you can choose a kit with the enclosure included. .

While the style of your frameless glass shower largely depends on the available space, many options exist. Whether you choose to build a frameless shower large enough to take center stage or a discreet shower tucked into a previously unused corner, frameless showers come in many shapes and sizes. One idea is to add a frameless shower door to a tiled enclosure. Another idea is to build a three-sided glass enclosure surrounding a stone wall. You can also purchase a complete kit with the enclosure made from polystyrene.

Glass Options

Frameless shower glass comes in a range of varieties and thicknesses and the price of it will vary accordingly. While standard glass panels are fine for most projects, it often has a slight green tinge to it. A high-end option is to get glass panels with a low iron content, which will appear clear. Other options include blurred glass and patterned glass. Patterned glass can add graphic detail to a bathroom with bold colors while blurred glass adds texture to create more visual appeal and privacy.

Building the Shower

Use mildew resistant silicone sealant to attach each glass panel to the wall and ceiling. Use wooden shims to elevate the glass panels from the threshold. Let the panels dry for at least 24 hours to allow the silicone to set completely. Failure to let the sealant cure may cause the door to dislodge the panels. Attach the hinges and handles to the glass door. Attach to the glass panels and check for level. Use another shim to raise the door. Affix all remaining handles and vinyl sweeps to the bottom of the door.

Customization Ideas

If you have chosen plain clear glass, you can customize the look of the frameless shower to suit your personal taste. For instance, have the door panel sandblasted with a design that appeals to you. Design ideas such as a favorite quote, family crest or name, music notes and botanical images all make for visually appealing shower doors. You can also choose graphic prints like stripes, honeycomb, damask, geometrics and florals. If you don't wish to commit to any one design, look for vinyl graphics, which can be applied directly to the glass and then removed as you see fit.

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