Pilot Light Problems in an Alpha 240 Eco Boiler

Erik Devaney

As with any home boiler or furnace, pilot light problems in an Alpha 240eco can be major sources of frustration. The Alpha 240eco is a wall-mounted combination boiler, which means it can provide domestic hot water and central heating. If problems exist with the boiler’s pilot light, however, the gas burner responsible for heating the boiler’s water tank may be unable to function. Fortunately, several Alpha 240eco pilot light troubleshooting tips can help.

Pilot Light Won’t Light: Preparation

If the Alpha 240eco boiler’s pilot light fails to light, you may not have performed the necessary preparatory procedures. According to the boiler’s user instructions, before igniting the pilot light you first must turn off the boiler’s electrical supply, set the boiler’s thermostats and heating controls to the minimum or “off” positions, set the boiler’s isolation valves to the open position, turn on the water and gas supplies at the mains, and set the heating system pressure so that it is within the pressure gauge’s green band. Once these steps are complete, turn the boiler’s electrical supply back on, set the room thermostats to maximum, put the boiler’s clocks in the “on” position and depress the gas control to ignite the pilot light.

Pilot Light Won’t Light: Ignition

For an Alpha 240eco boiler pilot light that fails to light despite following the proper preparatory procedures, you may not have held the gas control down long enough during the ignition process. According to the Alpha 240eco’s user instructions, you must keep the gas control pressed in for approximately 20 seconds before the boiler produces sparks for lighting the pilot light. Even after the pilot light has a visible flame, you should keep the gas control depressed for another 20 seconds before releasing it. If the pilot light does not stay lit, release and deactivate the gas control, and wait at least three minutes before trying the pilot light ignition process again.


In some instances, the Alpha 240eco boiler may overheat. When this happens, the boiler automatically switches off its burner and extinguishes the pilot light. As is the case when a pilot light will not remain lit, wait three minutes before attempting to relight a pilot light that has just been extinguished. If overheating occurs regularly and the pilot light keeps going out, contact a service engineer for assistance.

Frost Thermostat Failure

To ensure that the water inside of the Alpha 240eco does not become excessively cold and potentially freeze, the boiler has a built-in frost thermostat feature. When water falls below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, or 5 degrees Celsius, the boiler’s burner will turn on automatically and heat the water. If the frost thermostat feature fails to activate, the burner’s pilot light may not be lit. To remedy the problem, relight the pilot light following the above-mentioned preparation and ignition procedures.