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Winchester II Vinyl Shed Instructions

Will Gish

Royal Building Products produced its line of Winchester vinyl storage sheds in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Manufactured under the Royal Outdoor Building aegis, various models of these sheds existed, including the Winchester II. All Winchester line sheds install in the same manner, using the same basic parts, designed to fit together in an efficient manner. You can find a full set of installation instructions in your shed's manual.

Shed Basics

Winchester vinyl sheds come as a huge number of individual pieces. These pieces fall into categories like "groove panels," "joiner panels," "wall connectors," "corner posts," "ridge beams" and more. Royal Outdoor Building designed these products to fit together with minimal fastening, starting from the base and building up. If you own a Winchester II shed but not an installation manual, try to get your hands on a manual or photos of shed installation, so you can understand how all the parts fit together. If you have building experience, you can probably figure this out by looking at the pieces.

Setting the Base

If possible, you should build your Winchester II shed on a concrete slab. Otherwise, you need to create a base of wood. The base channel, or anchoring unit of the shed, must be driven into a solid support platform that also serves as the floor of your shed. Use a drill to affix the base channel to your platform. The floor channel is a series of short pieces with flat bottoms and parallel sides sticking straight up from the base. Face the taller of these sides inward. Drill holes in the outer rim to allow for water drainage, and apply waterproof caulk at all joints and around the inside perimeter to prevent water leaking into the shed. Leave an appropriately sized opening for the door.

Building the Walls

The wall panels of Winchester II sheds fit directly into the base channel. Two types of wall panels exist for these sheds, groove panels and joiner panels. Groove channels contain grooves that fit into joints on the joiner panels. During installation, alternate groove and joiner panels. You must use joiner panels at each corner, because the corner posts contain grooves, not joints. Install door-framing parts around the panels that end at the doorway. Use your drill to affix these framing parts. The wall opposite the door contains a pointed roof. You must install the pointed wall panels here, to ensure proper roof installation.

Installing the Roof

Like the walls of the Winchester II, the roof contains sliding panels that fit together with a system of grooves and joints. However, before installing these panels, you must build the roof frame. This entails place a series of framing parts along the tops of the walls, and running a single long beam between the peak of the wall over the doorway and the peak of the wall opposite this. This long beam contains a recess on either side, into which the roof pieces fit. Take your time when working without a manual, these sheds contain a number of specialized parts and must be assembled in a very specific way.