The Best Honeybee Breed for Beginners

Beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby; you become more in touch with nature, you will have a steady supply of honey, and you can supplement your income by selling your product. When planning to become a beekeeper, you must familiarize yourself with the various breeds of bees to determine which kind you want to raise. For beginners, the Italian honeybee is a good choice. This bee is the standard breed used in beekeeping, according to Beekeeper Starter Kit.com, a beekeeping website that focuses on beekeepers getting their start.

The Italian Honeybee

The Italian honeybee is the most commonly used breed of bee in beekeeping in the western hemisphere. Other breeds include the Russian honeybee and the caucasian honeybee. The Italian honeybee is best suited to the climate of the United States.


The Italian honeybee is recommended for beginners because of its gentle nature. This breed of bee is less likely to sting the handler out of aggression. These honeybees will generally leave you and your neighbors alone as long as they are not provoked or disturbed.


The Italian honeybees will keep breeding after they have stopped producing honey for the season, which will increase the number of bees in the hive. This is helpful for the beginner in case bees die due to the inexperience of the beekeeper. Your bee population will remain stable, even in the winter.

Honey Yield

Italian honeybees produce as much honey as other breeds. They drink nectar from flowers and use the "waggle dance" to show the other worker bees in the hive where the flowers are. The bees help pollination as they fly from flower to flower. The nectar becomes honey in the combs of the hive, and the honey can then be harvested and bottled. The bees will feed on the honey in the cold months when nectar from flowers is not readily available.

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