Bed Bug Sprays Safe for Infants & Bedding

Bed bugs are a small, parasitic insect that feed off warm-blooded mammals.

Homemade Bed Bug Prevention

Just washing your sheets will not eliminate all bed bugs.Just washing your sheets will not eliminate all bed bugs.
Their bite can cause skin-based complications including rashes and fungi as well as some allergic reactions. You can purchase many different treatments to put in your bed or the beds of your children to eradicate or prevent an infestation of bed bugs, however, some of them are not entirely safe for infants. Luckily, there are some other options to prevent bed bugs that are safer for your bedding and infant children.

You do not necessarily have to purchase any spray to get rid of or prevent bed bugs. You can try a homemade mixture that will do the job and not cause any damage to you or your family. This mixture contains one cup of water, 10 eye drop-sized drops of lavender oil, 10 eye drop-sized drops of eucalyptus oil, 10 eye drop-sized drops of rosemary, and 10 eye drop-sized drops of essential clove oil. Mix the ingredients in a cup or bowl and spread lightly on the bed mattress. This will eliminate all existing bed bugs as well as prevent additional bed bug infestations for up to a month.

Bed Bug Traps

A bed bug trap is a preemptive precaution to prevent bed bugs. Though it can't kill bed bugs already in the bed, it is entirely safe for anyone because it does not use any toxins. A bed bug trap is a kind of bowl available at home and garden stores. You put the trap beneath each leg of the bed. Each time a bed bug tries to crawl up on the bed, it is caught in a sticky adhesive solution in the bowl, ultimately killing it.

Dust Prevention

Bed bug dust is a kind of natural extermination which comes in a light, natural powder. It can be spread in the cracks of a box spring. The dust attaches to bed bug larvae and kills them. However, this type of prevention will not kill already mature bed bugs.

Natural Sprays

Though they can be much more expensive, you can purchase some natural sprays which are safe for infants and toddlers as well as your bed. They will kill existing bed bugs, but will not harm the larvae, so you will need to use these sprays several times before the infestation is gone.