Household Uses of Kamias

Eoghan McCloskey

Kamias is a highly acidic fruit that grows mostly in Southeast Asia. Long used as an addition to meat, fish or curry dishes in Indonesia, India, Thailand and across Southeast Asia, Kamias has many other uses in the household and can be a valuable asset in cleaning and medical capacities.

Metal Cleaner

Kamias juice is rich in oxalic acid, making it ideal for keeping a knife blade clean or restoring the luster to rusted brass. Kamias juice can also effectively clean hand stains can also when soap and water can't get the job done.

Medicinal/Traditional Uses

Though not used in Western medicine, cultures that reside in the areas where Kamias grows naturally have long used Kamias as a traditional remedy for many ailments. They ingest the Kamias fruit for respiratory or digestive problems or use it topically as a treatment for insect bites, swelling or rheumatism. People also turn flesh of the Kamias fruit into a paste or ferment the leaves for medicinal uses.

Color Dye

Kamias juice can act as a mordant, an essential component of fabric dyes that actually sets the color onto the fabric. Traditionally in Southeast Asia, Kamias juice is used in orange dyes on silk fabrics.


Though almost never available in stores for use as lumber and rarely used for carpentry, the white, soft, lightweight wood of the Kamias tree works in any wood-building project.