Types Of Dollies

Dollies are used to help move heavy objects.

Appliance Dollies

A dolly has between two and four caster wheels which help roll the heavy items to where they need to go. There are many types of dollies including appliance, car tow, trailer, auto wheel and furniture dollies. Each type has a particular use.

Appliance dollies, also known as moving dollies, come in two main shapes. One has four wheels and a long rectangular base. It is used for moving appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers. The second type of appliance dolly has two wheels and is commonly called a hand truck. It has two wheels and a tall base. A smaller foot extends under the item to be moved; the item is then tilted back into the tall base. Items moved by a hand truck include refrigerators and book cases.

Car Tow Dollies

Car tow dollies are used to move vehicles across long distances. Normally seen attached to RVs and moving trucks, a car dolly holds the vehicle's two front wheels and raises them off the ground. The rear wheels of the car are still touching the ground and roll behind the tow vehicle. Only front wheel drive vehicles can use a car tow dolly. Using a car tow dolly avoids putting unnecessary wear on the towed vehicle and requires only using one driver to move two vehicles.

Trailer Dollies

A trailer dolly is used to move small trailers by hand without the need of a power vehicle. A trailer dolly will have a long handle and an adjustable trailer hitch to connect to the trailer that needs moved. These are used to move snowmobiles, boats or jet skis over short distances. A trailer dolly can help maneuver a trailer into tight spaces that a vehicle may not be able to reach.

Auto Wheel Dollies

Auto wheel dollies typically have four wheels and are made of heavy duty steel. These dollies are placed under the wheels of vehicles, making them easier to move without having to start the vehicle. These are often used when working on vehicles that need to be moved. The dollies can also help maneuver a car into spots that may not be possible to drive into; for example, the dollies can virtually move a car sideways.

Furniture Dollies

Furniture dollies are wooden rectangles with four wheels. Two ends of the dolly are covered in a soft material, typically carpet. A furniture dolly is flat with no sides or lips. These dollies are used to move furniture over short distances. The carpet helps protect the underside of the piece of furniture that is being moved.

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