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5250 Watt Companion Generator Repair Tips

Erick Kristian

The 5250 Companion generator is on the more powerful end of consumer generators. This type of generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Most problems with the model are a result of improper use and/or infrequent maintenance. Always read the owner's manual prior to use. A small error could result in the generator needing repairs.

Engine Running But No AC Power

The 5250 generator uses a gasoline engine to generate power.

If the engine starts up and runs but the generator fails to output AC power, there could be a number of causes. One of the circuit breakers could be open. If this is the case, reset the circuit breaker. Check for a poor connection or a defective cord set, and repair if necessary. The problem may be something extremely simple, such as the fact that the device that was connected to the generator itself was faulty. In this case, connect another device that has been proven to work. There may be a fault in the generator. In this case, contact a Sears service facility.

Engine Runs Well Except When Devices Are Connected

If the engine runs well but then slows down when loads are connected, there may be one of four problems occurring. There could be a short circuit in a connected load. The solution is to disconnect the shorted electrical load. The generator may be overloaded. This occurs when the devices connected are trying to draw more power than the generator can deliver. Simply disconnect some of the devices. The engine speed may be too slow or there may be a shorted generator circuit. These issues can only be repaired by a Sears technician.

Engine Will Not Start

If the engine fails to start or runs roughly, a number of issues may be occurring. Check the "Run/Stop" switch and set it to "Run." Check for a dirty air filter and either clean or replace it. Check the gasoline and ensure that it's not stale and the tank is full. Check the spark plug wire to determine if it is connected. If the spark plug is bad, replace it. Check for overchoking by opening the choke fully and cranking the engine. Check to see if the oil is at the proper level.

Other Issues

If the engine shuts down during operation, check the gas and oil levels. If the engine lacks power the load may be too high or the air filter may be dirty. Remove heavy loads and replace the air filter. If the engine falters during operation, the choke is opening too soon. Move the choke to the half position until the engine is running smoothly. An additional cause of faltering could be the carburetor running too rich or lean, which can be repaired by an authorized technician.