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How to Turn Off a Portable Generator

Richard Asmus

Although portable generators come in many different brands, styles and sizes, the shutdown procedure is pretty much the same for all of them. The three parameters involved are motor speed, electrical output and actual shutting down of the motor.

After disconnecting the electrical outputs, either pressing a stop switch or shutting off a fuel cock will stop the motor. Check your owner's manual for specific details.

  1. Turn off and disconnect all equipment from your generator.

  2. Turn off the generator electrical output switch.

  3. Set your generator throttle to the slowest speed position.

  4. Depress the "kill" or "stop" switch and hold it until the engine stops.

  5. Set the fuel cock or valve to the "off" position.


Some generator manufacturers recommend running your generator with no load for several minutes to stabilize the temperature before shutting down.


Never stop your generator with equipment plugged in and turned on. Your generator will be hot after running. Handle it carefully to avoid burns.