The Best Masonry Drill Bits

High quality masonry drill bits function much differently than standard drill bits. For one, the channels which feed material back through the drilled hole are more tightly spaced. In addition the cutting head of a masonry drill bit is more reinforced than is necessary for a metal or wood drill bit. Different masonry drill bits are used for different materials; it's best to know which is which before beginning your masonry project. SDS type drill bits indicate a special shank style used with hammer drills.


Masonry drill bits are capable of drilling into ceramic, stone or concrete.

Dewalt offers a wide array of masonry drill bits, ranging from 3 mm diameter to as large as 20 mm. The SDS Plus Extreme masonry drill bits are composed of carbide steel and are specially forged with a stronger center to maximize power transfer from the drill to the cutting head. The cutting head of the masonry bit is specially ground to maximize debris removal from the shaft to prevent overheating.


Bosch offers as four different styles of masonry drill bits, which are tailored to the different types of drilling drivers used. Hex drive hammer bits and spline drive hammer bits join two SDS style masonry bits in a wide array of diameters and lengths. Composition of the masonry bits varies depending upon the application, but full carbide bits, carbide core bits and hammer steel points are available to suit both homeowner and professional use.

Vermont American

Vermont American offers three different styles of masonry bit, including SDS plus, rotary hammer bits and double flute bits. Vermont American bits are specially constructed for use in hardened concrete applications where the use of a hammer drill is necessary. Double flute bits are used in softer concrete types where speed of material removal is critical. All Vermont American bits are of carbide steel construction.


Hilti masonry drill bits are intended for use by professionals where accuracy and speed are critical. Hilti masonry bits are diamond ground carbide steel to provide an extremely sharp and long lasting drill. These drill bits are specifically designed to be used with hammer type drills and easily drill through natural stone or sand/limestone block as well as masonry.

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