The Specifications of a Makita LS1011

David Weinberg

Makita’s LS1011 and LS1011 N sliding compound saws allow users to make a variety of different cuts in wood and metal in several thicknesses and at different angles. The LS1011 and 1011N feature several cosmetic differences but provide the same functionality and use the same blades. The saws support bevel and miter cuts with adjustable angles for both. A number of additional features provide added safety and utility to the device.

Cutting Capacity

The LS1011 supports a saw blade up to 10 inches in diameter with a 5/8-inch hole. The saw can make miter cuts between 45 degrees when pivoted to the left and 57 degrees when pivoted to the right. The saw can also make 45-degree bevel cuts from the left. The maximum cutting size is 2.94 by 12 inches when un-angled. With the maximum miter angle of 57 degrees, the cutting size is 2.94 by 6.5 inches. At the maximum bevel angle of 45 degrees, the cutting size is 1.57 by 12 inches. When the saw is cutting with a bevel angle of 45 degrees and a miter angle of 45 degrees, the maximum cutting size is 1.57 by 8.5 inches.


The LS1011 features an automatic blade guard to prevent injury to the user. As the blade is lowered, the blade guard automatically retracts. When the blade is raised, the blade guard returns to its position. The LS1011 also includes a safety switch that must be activated before the saw will begin cutting. To reduce tearing on a cut, the LS1011 features user-adjustable kerf boards on the base-plate. The saw includes an electric brake to stop the blade from spinning shortly after you release the trigger. To keep your workspace clean, the LS1011 utilizes a dust bag that collects sawdust as you work.


The LS1011 supports a variety of Makita accessories. Makita offers several different blades for this saw depending on the required cut. Makita miter saw blades are designed for multi-purpose cutting. Makita’s combination blades are designed to be fast and smooth while performing crosscuts and miter cuts. Makita crosscutting blades are designed to cut against the wood grain. Fine crosscutting blades allow for smooth cuts that do not require sanding. Non-ferrous metal blades allow you to make miter cuts in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper or brass. In addition to the on-board vices, the LS1011 supports a series of optional holder accessories to keep the object you are cutting in place as you work. The LS1011 also supports a triangular rule for easier measuring.