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Other Uses for Non-Clumping Cat Litter

In addition to the traditional use of cat litter, non-clumping cat litter can be useful around the house. Non-clumping cat litter is made of materials such as clay, limestone and silica along with deodorizers and fragrances that act as absorbers. People with and without cats should consider using non-clumping cat litter for purposes other than than a cat litter box.

Clean Up Spills

Non-clumping cat litter can absorb and deoderize household items.

From oil spills to grease spills to cleaning up after a sick child, non-clumping cat litter can help tremendously. Whenever you have a spill, spread a generous coat of non-clumping cat litter on top of the mess. Let it sit for a few minutes. A big oil spill in an area such as your garage or driveway may need to sit overnight. The cat litter will soak up the spill. Once it has rested for awhile, sweep the cat litter into a dustpan and your mess is gone.

Winter Driving

Non-clumping cat litter makes for great traction assistance when driving in the snow and ice. Keep a bag in your car for those times when your car can't get any traction. Spread the cat litter in front of your tires. This will give you the traction you need to get your car moving. You can also spread non-clumping cat litter on your driveway and sidewalks to make them less slippery for people as they walk.


Non-clumping cat litter can absorb unwanted smells. Put a small amount of cat litter in the bottom of trash cans or diaper pails to absorb the smells. Get rid of stinky shoe smells by filling a nylon sock with cat litter and placing it in the shoe. Let it sit until you need to wear the shoe. A small container of non-clumping cat litter in the refrigerator can get rid of smells in the fridge. Cat litter can also be used to eliminate smoke smells from items. Place the item in a container with cat litter and close the container. Let it sit overnight in the container and then the smoky smell will be gone.

Additional Uses

Try spreading a layer of non-clumping cat litter in the bottom of your barbecue grill to soak up grease and help prevent grease fires. Pour cat litter down rodent and insect holes to get rid of pests. Use cat litter to dry flowers by putting fresh flowers in a container with full of cat litter. Change the litter every other day until the flowers are dry. Use non-clumping cat litter as a filler for ash trays. It will put out the cigarettes or cigars and absorb the smoke smell.