Custom Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Chances are if you have a small bedroom, your closet isn't that big either, and space is an issue. The key to closet organization when you don't have much space is to make use of every inch of both the horizontal and the vertical space with multiple hooks, racks, cubbie holes and rods.


Segmented spaces utilize small spaces well.

Items at eye level and lower are easier to retrieve day to day. Invest in shelves and labeled baskets to store these items. Switch out the baskets at the seasons change, swapping a basket full of heavy sweaters in fall and winter for a basket of tank tops in the summer.

Multiple Rods

Make the most of your closet by installing multiple rods at different levels. For example, install a low rod and a high rod. The lower rod can handle your slacks and skirts and the top rod can handle your tops. If your closet happens to be tall, install a third rod above the other two and keep clothing that is out of season or that you wear infrequently there.


Install multiple hooks along the vertical spaces in your closet to organize smaller items. Use the sides of the closet for the hooks so that you don't use up space that could easily work for shelves. Also, consider installing hooks on the back of your door if they aren't bi-fold or pocket doors.


If you are packing your closet with various shelves, drawers and rods, then you may have a problem actually seeing the items in your closet. Many compartments can create shadows in your closet. Include various sources of lighting such as small spots under the shelves and track lighting on the floor of the closet. Some pull lights can hang on a rod in your closet from a hook, making them adjustable to your needs.

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