What Can I Do to Keep Spiders Out of My Bedroom?

Although the spider is often thought of as an insect, it is actually an arachnid, which is a type of invertebrate animal. Despite the fact that most spiders are not poisonous, their appearance and lightning-fast movement sometimes cause fear or anxiety in humans. While it is possible to live peacefully with spiders, there are ways to dissuade them when they want to take up residence in the bedroom.

Web Removal

Spider are beneficial, but don't get much love when they take up residence in the bedroom.

Use a vacuum and broom to keep the bedroom web free. Spiders build nests and set up webs to trap wayward bugs. Remove the webs to encourage spiders to go elsewhere. Repeat this process every week until the spiders take the hint that they are not wanted in the bedroom.

Declutter the Bedroom

Spiders like dark places to hide. Boxes, piles of clothes and even old shoes can provide spiders with perfect hiding spots. Remove clothing and shoes from the floor and store boxes in closets or other parts of the house. Tape boxes shut that must remain in the room to stop spiders from getting inside.

Seal Spider Entries

Seal cracks around windows to prevent spiders from getting into the bedroom. If you have even a small opening between the window and the windowsill, you might as well put down a welcome mat for your eight-legged guests. Caulk areas where plumbing and electricity enter the house to seal off other ways spiders may gain entry.

Pest Control

Search for insects that provide a food source for the spiders. Check the spiderwebs for evidence of bug infestations that may also be lingering in the bedroom. Remove the insects from the equation and the spiders will generally go with them. If you must use a pesticide, read labels to ensure that the bug spray is meant for indoor use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for bug treatment.

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