Are Brown Recluse Spiders in South Dakota?

Tim Moore

People fear brown recluse spiders because of the severe damage caused by their bite. Brown recluse spiders live in places where people may be in close proximity, so it is helpful to know if you should be on the lookout for them where you are. These arachnids are fairly common all over the United States, but they do have areas that fit their climate preferences more than others.

South Dakota

Brown recluse spiders are rarely found in South Dakota.

The United States is home to the brown recluse spider and they may be found anywhere in the country, including South Dakota. However, they are predominately located in the south central region and it would be extremely rare to find them this far north. If they are found it is likely they were transported from a more southern state in boxes or crates.


Brown recluse spiders are usually found indoors. They like to hide in dark places so it is usually a surprise when you see one. Furniture, vents and clothing that are not used often are the most common places to find these creatures. They can also be found in cracks and any tight places where they can hide and not be disturbed.


It is not as common to find these spiders outside, but they do find homes there at times. Rocks, yard ornaments and anything that provides a tight dark space will create a suitable environment.


Aggression toward people is not a characteristic of the brown recluse. Bites typically happen due to accidental contact when someone reaches into a dark area like under furniture or rolls onto the spider when sleeping. There is no pain when the bite happens but soon after the symptoms begin. The poison is powerful and causes the tissue to begin to die. The most common reaction is an ulcer on the skin that leaves a scar after the healing process along with fever and nausea. Rarely, a life-threatening condition called skin visceral can occur. It can cause the kidneys to fail and can be identified by blood in the urine. If this occurs you should contact a doctor immediately.